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Andras Bality is a Richmond based painter. Using a plein air approach to make initial studies of landscapes and seascapes, which are enlarged to larger format paintings in the studio. 

PH 804-564-1170
Email ajb@andrasbality.com

Thanks for your interest.
Andras J Bality 

Warm Springs Gallery, Warm Springs VA,  Reynolds Gallery Richmond VA , Adam Baumgold Fine Art NYC, NY   

For commercial spaces - large scale commissions as well as limited edition fine art prints are available through Soho Myriad in Atlanta Georgia and PI Creative Arts in Toronto Canada 
Page County Tour Peloton 30 x 40 inches oil on canvas 2016
Works can be seen at these galleries:
Video of Andras Bality talking about being a painter. Made by Willa King for the Maggie Walker HS Art Club 2016
I teach a five day and a weekend workshop at Nimrod Art Center in Bath County VA, usually the last week of June. It's for anyone who wants a little continuing instruction, after having learned some basics about color, contrast, composition.
Tour of Page County Bike Race 60 x 78 inches oil on canvas 2016