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Represented by the Reynolds Gallery Richmond VA

Current Exhibitions:

The Together Show
Opens May 20, 2020 Reynolds Gallery Richmond VA

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Chiles peach orchard 34" x 40", oil on canvas 2020
Huguenot Flatwater with Kayakers 44" x 56" oil on canvas 2020 
Monhegan Bay 32" x 40" oil on canvas 2020
included in The Together Show
Riverside Drive 7.5" x 9" oil on canvas 2020
Chiles Peach Orchard 34" x 40" oil on canvas 2020
Bather Shaving Legs 12" x 10" oil on canvas 2020
Andras J Bality                                              3311 Northview Pl
                                                                                                                  Richmond VA 23225