Andras Bality is a representational fine artist painter/printmaker living in Richmond VA. 

Works can be seen at :

Warm Springs Gallery, in Charlottesville and Warm Springs VA

Quirk Gallery, in Richmond VA

Adam Baumgold Fine Art, NYC, NY

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Dec 2014, I will be having a show of new paintings at Quirk Gallery, Richmond VA. ​

Assateague Beach Baby 10 x 12 inches oil on canvas 2014.
All of the paintings on this site are either with one of the above listed galleries, Lendrum Fine Art, Los Angeles CA, or in my studio, There are also many more paintings, not on the web page.   Visitors are welcome to visit my studio by appointment. However, the prices are the same irregardless of purchase location. Soho Myriad in Atlanta Georgia and PI Creative Art in Toronto Canada also offer a large selection of my paintings available as high resolution fine art prints.

PH 804-564-1170

Thanks for your interest in my work.
Andras J Bality