Video of Andras Bality talking about being a painter. Made by Willa King for the Maggie Walker HS Art Club 2016
Andras Bality is represented by the Reynolds Gallery in Richmond VA 

if you any questions, I would happy to answer them via email- bality.andras@gmail.com

​I will teach a workshop from June 28 - July 3 at Nimrod Hall Art Center in Bath County Va. Please go to Nimrod Hall Art Center to sign up. 10-14 students. Focus on plein air landscape painting, but will also, but we will also make one figure painting, either in landscsape or indoors as well as one still life. You will have a great time!  Nightime activities include talking, sipping, watching lightning bugs and possibly hearing Richmond Great, Cynthia Erdahl do a rendition of Summertime...   

Please visit Paintings Page to see more available work.
Monhegan Island, Goats of Manana, 10" x 12", 
oil on canvas 2019 
Monhegan Island, Buoy Repairman 10" x 12" 
oil on canvas 2019 
Monhegan Island Whitehead, 10 x 12 inches oil on canvas 2019
Jump Mountain Vineyard, Rockbridge VA 16" x 20", 
oil on canvas , 2019